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Chris Loomis's Safety Speaker Introduction

Keynote - Safety is an Attitude

Having Chris Loomis as our Safety speaker today… was no accident!

With over 20 years of plant safety experience, Chris Loomis is a true safety speaker and safety professional. He has seen and experienced the challenges faced by plant safety personnel while working with over 600 chemical, petrochemical, and manufacturing facilities as the Marketing Manager for DuPont's environmental and safety services division.

Chris grew up in Southern California. At age 18, he joined the Marine Corp and served with Marine Snipers in Vietnam. After completing his years in the Marine Corp, Chris entered California State University to study marketing and communication. He made the Guinness Book of World Records 4 times for marketing and was awarded best college marketing project in the United States.

After graduation he was hired by the President of American Motors as a marketing manager where he learned the REAL meaning of hazardous duty… by marketing AMC Gremlins.

Chris was then recruited by DuPont Chemicals to be the Marketing Manager for their environmental and safety services division.

Chris is an International Safety Speaker, Author and National Safety Writer.

Chris, an international safety speaker believes that accidents and near misses CAN be avoided by developing a Safety Attitude and always being aware of YOUR surroundings.

Please help me welcome our Safety SpeakerChris Loomis.

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Thanks for visiting this section. Chris Loomis is an International Safety Speaker, Author and a safety consultant having over 20 years of
plant-safety experience. His safety presentation gives you an incredible value and a great return on your investment.


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