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Safety Attitude understands the challenges faced by plant personnel on a day-day basis. We provide organizations with health and safety education and consultation services focusing on cost-effective solutions that work in the best possible manner to help you achieve your goals. Our mission is to provide safety education to workers on how to develop a 24/7 safety attitude.

If you want a totally customized safety education program that is focused on your outcomes, you are at the right place. Chris Loomis an International safety speaker has four fantastic presentations for you to choose from. With over 20 years of plant-safety experience, Chris Loomis is a true professional. He has seen and experienced the challenges faced by plant personnel while visiting over 600 chemical, petrochemical, and food processing facilities as the Marketing Manager for DuPont's environmental and safety services.

At Safety Attitude, safety education programs are primarily designed to make people aware of the measures that they can take to reduce the risk of any accident at home, school, or work place. These safety education programs provide instructions for overcoming and surviving such devastating circumstances.

Over 95% of our surveys show that eight weeks after a professional speaker's education, the group has retained less than 5% of the speaker's main points. With Chris's interactive, customized and high wow factor safety education programs, the retention rate after eight weeks exceeds to 84%.

Chris Loomis, a leading safety consultant offers four fantastic safety education programs for you to choose. They are as follows:

  • When safety is an attitude, nobody gets hurt!
  • Start Strong! Finish Strong!
  • Ergonomics in your work environment, on the road, in a plane and at home.
  • Safety at home and on the road.

An essential part of our safety consultants’ responsibility towards their clients, is to provide education for employers and employees. Chris Loomis believes training is the cornerstone of every successful safety and health process. Chris Loomis performance-based approach to safety education and consulting is designed for companies to achieve their business goals.

For a lasting impact on safety attitude, your next presentation needs Chris Loomis



If you are in search of a totally customized program that is focused on successful outcome, then you are at the right place.
Chris Loomis has four fantastic safety presentations for you to choose from.


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