Testimonials from Employees of Anheuser-Busch
from evaluation handouts of 14 presentations by Chris Loomis given to over 800 people in 3 days

"Absolutely great presentation, one of the best
that has ever been done here at Anheuser-Busch.”

Tell us what you liked about the presentation?

  • “Reminded me to be aware of my surroundings.”
  • “Brought to light the need to make Safety an every day part of our lives, not just at work, but in all phases of our daily activities.”
  • “Presentation was very informative.”
  • “Awarness was the main message that I got from his presentation.”
  • “Video footage was very impactful. I believe that this will make a lasting impression with many employees. The focus on the four main behaviors that cause incidents was also a good teaching point that people can focus on.
  • “When you see situations that actually happened it helps you to stop and think before acting. I am watching where I am going; is it safe to do this task.”

Tell us what you disliked about the presentation?

  • There were no negative comments. Most left this section blank.

Tell us what, if anything, you would change about the presentation?

  • “Nothing, he was on top of his game.”
  • “Would have something similar more often.”
  • “Bring him back on a regular basis.”

“In the many years I've attended safety presentations, Chris Loomis was by far the best.”

Quality Manager, BJ Services

"Chris Loomis is inspiring and entertaining. His safety presentation applies to business and life...and is presented by someone with 20 years of plant safety experience. I have worked with many top safety speakers and have found none better than Chris Loomis.

Regional Manager, Shell Lubricants

"Chris spoke to our quarterly awards banquet. His comments were dynamic, humorous, and on target for our group.

Gasification Manager, Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemical, Inc.